Care of Self: A Practical Model for Health and Spiritual Wellness

Thank you for the many participants who joined me for today’s presentation on self-care at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Sanibel Florida.  The presentation is now available to attendees.  Click on the link below to access:

Self-Care (Fortune 2019) St Ms-40 min vrs

You can contact me at with any questions.



One thought on “Care of Self: A Practical Model for Health and Spiritual Wellness

  1. I thought of a couple points from our conversations and some of today’s questions.

    Someone asked about movement for those who cannot stand. Remember posture and chair yoga can still support NEAT, breathing, and other sources of health. Many who cannot easily stand can move and even dance. A few years back, one of my colleagues did a community project with a facility in Immokalee Florida where they held dance circles for those who were not mobile. They produced an artistically inspired video that you can access at

    The other point I continue to reflect on is how we can share self-care values with others, especially our youth. I was reminded through my conversations with you afterwards that we can each only have authority over our own health and wellness. But positive modeling goes a long way! Even the research demonstrates that the many workplace wellness programs offered today are most successful when the leaders partake in them too.

    Please feel free to share this presentation with others.

    Dr. Luann Fortune


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