About Embodied Research

This site welcomes conversations and updates from all who are interested in exploring and expanding embodiment in your work.  Writings here intend to share conceptual models and experiential methods for incorporating embodiment into scholarship, research, educational, health & wellness, and better living.

This space encourages sharing amongst researchers, educators, and scholars.  Embodiment techniques can produce more balanced and meaningful research results.  Embodiment principles can enhance learning, transform organizations, and create change in communities.  But execution relies on authenticity and spontaneity to actualize ideas into sensations and actions.   “How to” guides for bringing the body into the research process are scarce and leave investigators lacking specific techniques.  To intentionally bring the body more fully into the process, we welcome conversation about how others apply embodiment techniques in research.

There is space here for the philosophers.  We welcome conversations that cite classic intellectual tradition and modern critical thinking aimed to reunite the split the inner somatic experience and the world view.  We invite scholars, researchers and practitioners to join us in our quest to ground the theoretical in the flesh, to mesh agency with contemplation, to integrate embodiment in our topics, subjects, and ourselves.

As a practical matter, all persons can benefit from more attention to bodily experience: to intentionally bring the body more fully into the process of daily living.  A shift in this direction could harken a priority of wellness, self-care, and empowerment through awareness.  We believe that realizing human potential begins with embodiment.

To honor the spirit of this intention, this blog will present papers, models, ideas, and images that invite collaboration and conversation.  We hope join join us.


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