Discussions on somatic education

One of my student colleagues and I recently embarked on a conversation about educating children for improved somatic awareness.  I think this is a topic ripe for attention.

I have long been an advocate of teaching young children somatic awareness and experiential anatomy (Olsen, 1998).  While the Mindfulness movement has taken off for kids, I think it is missing that critical component of body-groundedness….grounded in information as well as sensation and awareness.

I welcome further conversation on this topic.  Happy to brainstorm.

Olsen, A. (1998). Body stories: A guide to experiential anatomy. Hanouver and London: University Press of New England.


One thought on “Discussions on somatic education

  1. On February 16, from 530pm to 7pm PST, Luann will be facilitating a panel of Syabrook College of Integrative Medicine and Health Science students and recent grads who are doing integrative medicine and wellness in practice. Many are bringing embodiment practices to their praxis each day, in medicine, wellness and education. Consider joining this open access, free webinar. The details are at:


    Thanks for circulating.


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